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Major Tourist Attractions
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yangyang's HARBORS
Mulchi Harbor

namaeThis is the northern-most harbor of Yangyang-gun and visitors can view the breathtaking coastline while enjoying fresh raw fish. It has clean raw fish restaurants and large parking facilities. It is easy to catch flatfish here.
Susan Harbor
namaeVisitors can enjoy fishing and delicious raw fish. It is quiet and clean. It is a large harbor that is surrounded by small and large breakwaters.
Namae Harbor


This is the first harbor that you will see by following route 7 towards Yangyang in about 2km. It is one of the three most beautiful harbors in Gangweon-do and in the past it was well known for the ume blossoms along the sea floating around the village. The stone island at the Namae coastline and the two islands connected by breakwaters make this place even more special.

Gisanmun Harbor
namaeGisamun-ri attracts visitors with its clean sand beaches and blue waters. Visitors can enjoy freshly caught fish and also experience boat fishing and sea fishing on the breakwaters.
yangyang's VALLEYS


This is a valley that spans from the Osaek Mineral Water Spring on the south side of the Seorak National Park to the Seonnyeotang and western edge of Jeombongsan (Mt., 1,424m). It is the most magnificent valley among the large valleys of south Seorak and is famous for its beautiful scenery and autumn leaves. It is a steep valley and visitors might even feel cold during the middle of summer. Its scenery is made even more beautiful with fantastic rocks such as Gorae-bawi, Sangtu-bawi, Saenun-bawi, Yeoshim-bawi and Bubu-bawi, as well as waterfalls such as the Seonnyeo-tang, Shibi Waterfalls and Yongso Waterfalls.

Yongso Waterfalls


Legend has it that a female serpent that was unable to become a dragon became the dragon’s head and foot next to the waterfalls, while its tail became the waterfalls.

Eoseongjeon Valley
YongsoEoseongjeon Valley has cold stream waters even in the middle of summer. Visitors can also hike up the valley to enjoy the virgin forest filled with arrowroots.
Beobsuchi Valley
YongsoBeobsuchi Valley can be reached by going upstream from the Eoseongjeon Valley. It is narrower than the Eoseongjeon Valley and there are some areas where the water is very deep. It is also home to clean water fish such as dace and sweetfish.
Dunjeon Valley
YongsoThe clear streams that begin in Seoraksan and passes Dunjeon-ri is second-to-none. The water that starts from deep within Seoraksan is clean and blue. This is like an oasis amidst surrounding mountains.
This is home to the largest number of salmons in the East Coast. Salmon can be spotted in Namdaecheon (Riv.) from mid October to late November. Salmon festivals are held in October every year.