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yangyang's Beaches
Naksan Beach
A sandy beach unfolds for 4km against a thick pine tree forest in the background. Namdaecheon (Riv.) flowing out of Seoraksan creates a large lake at the estuary to provide abundant freshwater. It is a famous tourist attraction for travelers and tourists because of its clean sand beach, low water depth, various convenience facilities, thick pine forests and the numerous temples and remains located in the vicinity.
Hajodae Beach
HajodaeIts vast sand beach, soft sand and easy slopes make it ideal for family vacations.
It is located 1km north of the 38th parallel and has easy slopes and shallow water. The thick pine forests in the background and the 4km long sand beaches make it perfect for camping.

Osan Beach
OsanIt has a 900m long, 80m wide and 1m deep sand beach and its clean water make it perfect for catching clams. In addition, it does not get overly crowded. It is ideal for group travelers and you can also enjoy visiting historic remains at the prehistoric museum situated nearby.

Seorak Beach
SeorakIts 1km long, 80m wide sandy beaches and shallow waters are quiet and perfect for group travelers. Visitors can enjoy fresh seafood in front of the beach at Hujin Harbor, as well as sea fishing at the breakwaters.

Jigyeong Beach
JigyeongThis beach is 500m long and has a water depth of 1m and is located at the southern end of Yangyang-gun. Though it is small, it has shallow water depths and clean sand beaches and facilities. The thick pine forests behind the beach make it possible for camping and are ideal for groups to come and make great memories.

Mulchi Beach
MulchiVisitors can enjoy the breathtaking view of the sea and eat fresh fish caught right around the coastlines. Fishers can also take time to catch sweetfish at the Mulchicheon (Riv.) below the beach. You will have many fond memories enjoying fresh fish and salmon dishes, while viewing the beautiful scenery.

Dongsan Beach
DongsanIts length is 190m and width is 50m. It has shallow waters and easy slopes, while located near Dongsan Harbor. Visitors can enjoy fishing and scuba diving, and it is perfect for family groups because of its camping grounds.

Bukbunri Beach
BukbunriThis beach is 350m long and its water depth is 0.7m. It is a small and cozy beach with clean waters and sands. Its soft slopes and shallow waters make it safe even for children to play in. We recommend this beach for group travelers or for those who want a pleasant and comfortable environment.

Ingu Beach
InguVisitors can play in the beach in safety and it is very popular for scuba diving. This is recommended for group travelers that share the same hobbies Visitors can enjoy boat fishing. We recommend this place for first-time fishers.

Gwangjin Beach
GwangjinThis beach can be reached by taking national route 7 south from Yangyang making it easy to find and highly accessible. It is a small beach where sands and rocks come together to make a spectacular view. It is ideal for family vacations and lodging is available at the village.

Namae-ri Beach
Namae-riThe sand beach is 2km long and 100m wide, while its average water depth is 1~2m. It has great sand and is perfect for group trips. Fishers can also catch carps at the nearby freshwater Pomae Lake. Not only does it have excellent scenery, there are many things to do here making it good for group trips.

Namae 1-ri Beach
Namae 1-riIt has a 600m long sand beach and has shallow water. Stone islands emerge out of the water surface and are good for playing in. Visitors can fish here and it is ideal for family vacations.

Namae 3-ri Beach
Namae 3-riIt is 1.3km long and 100m wide, while it has a water depth of 1.5m. It also has great sand and beautiful surroundings, making it good for family vacations. Pomae lake is found there too. It is home to Egrets. Visitors can enjoy freshwater fishing here.

Jeongam Beach
JeongamThis small beach is operated by Jeongam-ri town and can be seen while driving along route 7. It is a well-known stop for tourists because it is located near other beaches and is on the way to Seoraksan.

Jangyo Beach
JangyoThis small beach has a large-scale camping ground in the vicinity making it perfect for group travelers. In addition, it is not well known by many people, making it quiet and visitors might even feel that they have stumbled upon a hidden treasure.
Gaetmaeul Beach
Gaetmaeul This beach is operated by the townspeople and is only open to the public during the summer. Visitors can enjoy fresh raw fish and food prepared by the townspeople.
Weonpo Beach
WeonpoThis is a small beach where there are lots of sand rocks. The beach runs in a straight line and is wide. The water depth is also relatively shallow and has camping grounds making it perfect for family vacations.
Gisamun Beach
GisamunThis is a small sand beach located between Hangpogu, Gisamun and the 38th parallel. Hangpogu, which is located within Gisamun, is a typical fishing village making it perfect for your children to learn new things.
Dongho-ri Beach
Dongho-riThis beach is 500m long and 55m wide. Its average water depth is 1.2m and is a clean area with soft sand. The beach waters are also clear and it has beautiful scenery making it perfect for enjoying a quiet vacation in a lodge or tent.
Jukdo Beach
JukdoThe beach is about 2km long and is a relatively large beach. There is a thick pine tree forest near the beach and its shallow waters and easy slopes make it popular among family group vacations. There are many small and large stones around It is also good for sea fishing.
Dongsanpo Beach
DongsanpoThis beach is about 800m long and 50m wide and is located north past a hill from Dongsan Harbor. It is a clean water area and visitors can find clams all over the beach. It has soft sand and shallow waters making it good for family vacations.