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scene 1. Namdaecheon

1 Namdaecheon

Namdaecheon (Riv.) is 54km long and is a clean water area, which is not seen much in Korea. In the spring, there are dace. Sweetfish during July and August, and 3~5 year old salmon schools from the northern Pacific come here during October and November.
In addition, there are many rare freshwater fish here such as freshwater crab, etc.
Streams from Odaesan (Mt.) and Guryongyreong meet to make a larger river and flows out to the East Sea. Namdaecheon is called the ‘Mother’s River’ and Salmon Festivals are held every year for visitors to actually see salmons swimming upstream

scene 2. Daecheongbong

1 Namdaecheon

Daecheongbong in Seoraksan (Mt.) is the third highest mountain in Korea and is the start of major trails of Seoraksan including the Gongnyongneung, Hwachaeneung and Seobukneung. It is also the boundary point for the inner and outer Seorak. Moreover, most valleys of Seoraksan such as the Cheonbuldong valley and Gayadong valley start here. There are severe weather changes around Daecheongbong and has strong winds and low temperatures, while short white pines carpet the ground. From the summit, you can get a breathtaking view of the entire national park and the East Sea.

scene 3. Hangyeryeong
1 Namdaecheon
Hangyeryeong, which is national route 44 that starts at Osaek-ri, Seomyeon in Yangyang-gun and spans to Hangye-ri, Bukmyeon, Inje-gun, was a hillside road that was called Osaekyreong until the 1970s. In 1980 it has become one of the best driving courses in Korea.
Centered on the Seoraklu, which is connected through 108 steps, the summit of Hangyeryeong is home to the Osaek mineral water fountain, Obongsa (Temple), Mangyeongdae, Seonnyetang, Manmulsang and Oknyeo Waterfalls, while sceneries such as the Shipiseonnyeo-tang, Hangye-saji, Oknyeotang and Haneulbyeok can be seen in the inner Seorak, and the Gugokdam, Osaeam, Chukseongam, Bongjeongam, Jangsudae and Baekdamsa are at the outer Seorak.
Gosaet-gil (trail, 1,003m) is also the starting point of the shortest hiking trail to Daecheongbong, which is the summit of Seoraksan.
scene 4. Jujeon-gol

4. Jujeon-gol

The Osaek (five colors) of southern Seorak has five different colors illuminating from the Jujeon-gol rock beds. It got its name from the legend that in the spring there was a tree that would blossom flowers with five different colors. This place is famous for its hot springs and mineral water fountain, which is visited by many people because the Osaek mineral water is known to be good for stomach diseases and anemia. Visitors can also enjoy the beautiful scenery of Mother Nature, which is composed of the Seonnyeo-tang (Fairy’s Bath), Shibi (12) Waterfalls, Yongso Waterfall, Yeoshim Waterfalls, etc

scene 5. Hajodae

5. Hajodae

Hajodae was where Ha-ryun and Jo-jun, who established the Joseon Dynasty, spent Their last years, and therefore, Their last names were used to name this place. This place has a magnificent view with the sharply rising rock cliffs with old pine trees, as well as the dark blue East Sea.
Hajodae is also famous as a fantastic spot for seeing the sunrise, while the Hajodae Arbor, built in 1955, provides travelers with a place for rest.

scene 6. Jukdo-jeong

6. Jukdo-jeong

Jukdo-jeong is an arbor built at the summit of Jukdo in May 1965.
Jukdo is an island with a circumference of 1km and that stands 53m high. Its pine and bamboo is thick all year round. When you enter the Jukdojeong, you can get a bird’s eye view of the stones shaped by waves and the entire coastline. At the northern end of Jukdo, there is a small Buddhist temple called Jukdoam, in which disciples of the faith make trips to.

scene 7. Namae Harbor

7. Namae Harbor

Namae Harbor, which is one of the most beautiful harbors in the East Coast, is a small harbor located at Hyeonnam-myeon. Its beautiful appearance is enhanced with Yangado (Is.) that is covered with fantastic rocks, as well as other small rock islands. By seeing the fishers waking up at dawn in time of the ecstatic view of the sunrise, visitors will feel energized.
You will be able to feel the warmth of people and the sea that is filled with life.

scene 8. Uisangdae

8. Uisangdae

Uisangdae, which is an arbor built in remembrance of the accomplishments of High Priest Uisang who built Naksansa (Temple), is located within Naksansa where the sea cliffs are just 100m to the east. Looking out in front, the endless East Sea can be seen, while it is near Naksan Beach to its cliff on the right. To the back, it has the historic Naksansa and thick pine forests to boast its magnificent view.