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foreign resident support
Marriage Immigrant Family Visitation Education Program
  • Perform customized visitation education for marriage immigrants and their families who have difficulties participating in educational programs due to their economic conditions or problems with accessibility because of their location
  • Provides raising skills and child teaching skills for international marriage families in order to improve the marriage immigrants’ adaptability to the Korean society and to provide a foundation for stable settlement
    Female Marriage Immigrant Neighbor Relation Support Program
  • Provide meetings for neighbors of female marriage immigrants (mentor programs, husband groups, etc) to resolve problems caused by cultural differences
  • Provide mental stability for international marriage families through information exchange, prevent family dismembering and improve the quality of life
    Female Marriage Immigrant Home-Visit Program
  • Provide opportunities for female marriage immigrants with a chance to visit their motherland so that they can adapt to the Korean society and find stability by helping them feel warm family love
    Support Meetings for Female Marriage Immigrants from Same Countries
  • Support meetings for female marriage immigrants from same countries who are not yet familiar with life in Korea so that they can find stability in the Korean society through information exchanges on culture, child-raising and everyday life Low-Income Female Marriage Immigrant Job Opportunity Support Program
  • Provide training for low-income female immigrants who have difficulties finding employment due to cultural differences and lacking abilities in order to help them find employment through improved understanding of their new culture and through new skills

Operate Female Marriage Immigrant Korean Culture Experience Course
  • Provide various Korean experience opportunities to help improve their understanding of Korean culture
  • Contribute in smooth transition and adaptability to the Korean society by overcoming cultural differences and helping them get a grasp on the culture
International Food Fest
  • Hold food fests for female marriage immigrants having them bring in their country’s food in order for cultural exchange between the different countries and to help them boast and be proud of their mother country in order to provide a positive base for life
Meeting Space for Female Marriage Immigrants
  • Provide meeting space for different groups to exchange culture and information among female marriage immigrants so that they can listen to and encourage each other on their difficulties and to improve their adaptability to the Korean society
Farm Multi-Cultural Family Program (Farm Family Life and Agricultural Technology Distribution)
  • Support mentor-mentee relations among women’s groups in farming villages and multi-cultural families to accelerate their adaptation to the local society
  • Help settle in Korean lifestyle through various information and training through mentors (life improvement association, Korean women’s farming association)
Korean classes for foreign housewives
  • Provide opportunities for foreign wives, children and foreigners staying in Yangyang-gun with the opportunity to learn Hangeul
  • Provide opportunity for learning the local culture and harmonizing among neighbors
Daughter-in-Law Wedding Ceremony
  • Provide opportunity to start a happy family by holding weddings for families with foreign housewives who were unable to have a wedding because of financial problems
Korean Culture and Food Experience
  • Provide opportunity to make traditional Korean food with immigrant wives to enhance a sense of community