Sister Cities
Natural Enviroment
district tree

The evergreen leaves and straight stems symbolize the spirit of Yangyang citizens having unchanging loyalty and integrity.
Strong vitality with deep root on barren land symbolizes longevity of residents and the long history of Yangyang


district flower
The cohesiveness to form a community under strong sea wind and hot sandy wind symbolizes the harmony and unit of residents.
Seeds within the fruit imply the challenging spirit to advance into new environment and the unlimited wisdom of the residents.
The red flower armed with thorns symbolizes the hope for the future and love of homeland.
The awesomeness of white color symbolizes perpetuity.
The Place where the white heron comes implies the land of Yangyang, a good place to live with rich harvest. The clean appearance symbolizes the spirit of Yangyang with the intergrity of scholars who valued academics and purity
Instincts to return to its mother symbolizes the love of homeland by Yangyang citizens.
The appearance of sacrificing oneself for the next generation symbolizes the noble love of our parents.
The great journey leading from the Otsuka Sea symbolizes persistence and the dynamic appearance of them swimming upstream symbolizes a progressive spirit.
symbol mark By expressing ‘O’ of 양양 in an overlapping way, it gave shape to Yangyang’s bright and clean sun, nature and sea. It shows an image of unity and harmony among Yangyang residents to leap into the world’s hub in the field of traffic, tourism and culture.
The golden red color of the sun wishes for prosperity of the residents’ progressive spirit, moral culture and material civilization. The blue of the sea expresses their harmony and hope for a bright future. The green color symbolizes Yangyang’s nature and the world’s strong and bright advancement toward the future.
symbol mark Ole ole has the meaning of “Cheer up, cheer up” in Spanish language and also the meaning of bravo as a kind of interjection. Thus, its first meaning is ”Bravo Yangyang“.
Second, it means “long, long time’ in Korean language. It expresses the long history of Yangyang from the prehistoric age, wishing that visitors and tourists will stay for a long time in Yangyang, the best tourist attraction. Third, it means ‘俉, 來, 旿, 來’ in Chinese language. Namely, it means welcome. With the meaning of ”brightness“ (the sun), it wishes that a lot of tourists will visit.
symbol mark This is an accessory that reveals the prominence and stature of Yangyang-gun. It is usually used for award certificates, appointment letters and ribbons to be worn during various events and festivals. This emblem is expressed in many different methods such as full color, gold, silver or embossing.
symbol mark This character is personifying the brilliant sunrise of Yangyang. The six flames on the head symbolizes unity and harmony of the six eups and myeons. The golden red color of the face and body expresses prosperity of the green nature and the residents’ harmony and hope for a bright future. The character is a combination of sen (sun, sea) + kid which means a friendly, lovely kid as a natural friend.